Hi. I'm new; I've had these couple peeves for years, and now here comes a community for me to rant about it! Hurrah!
I hate all these fucking couples: I don't mind entirely being the third wheel, 'cause my friends pick out good guys... well, that is until they start slobbering over each other. I also hate these couples who are all over one another, but you can easily tell that they're just immature and the love isn't there. That disgusts me; especially when they parade their feigned lust around ie: having sex w/ your clothes on in public etc... This stuff happened back in highschool, too! At least when I was with my boyfriend, back in the day, I'd save it 'til we got a room! Blast them!

Happy Holidays!
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AvP...and a couple...

Yesterday I had went to see the movie Alien vs. Predator for the eighth time and the theartre was empty, so I thought I had the room to myself and had the glory of watching the movie with no annoying kids or people shouting...UNTIL A COUPLE CAME INTO THE ROOM!! My God...They were sitting next to each other behind me, leaning against each other and being so lovey dovey. Every time when a explosion happened or when a Alien or Predator killed a human, the girl just squeeked in fear every time.

I wanted to go up to the couple to tell them to get out of the room and see another movie because they were interupting my enjoyment for the movie.

Why do couples do this?
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SLC Punk!

(no subject)

Hey, im new here. I absoloutly hate couples with a passion! The other day i went to blues on the mall with my friend n her bf, and they were cuddling n holding hands n makeing out right infront of me n just ignoring me n basically i went there to do something, which i did absoloudly NOTHING n its irritating when they say i "love" you! Ugh! Makes me wanna vomit!
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Couples Suck

Hey.. my name is Chrissie.. and im new.. but I hate couples so much!!! I just came back from a theme park.. well I went yesterday.. and there were sooo many couples all over each other. Holding hands.. making out..... looking so in love.. and its so sickning. I cant take it.

The Single Life.

My date on Sunday went well, though it remained strictly platonic. I wish I hadn't been so shy, though. Hope that didn't turn her off or anything. I'd love to go out and do something with her again and get to know her more. ^^

But you know what? After going out on that little date, I've realized that I really don't want a relationship. Oh yeah. DON'T. You read right. Not that there was anything wrong with Helen, God no, it's just ... perhaps I'm not ready. It's just too much, I've realized. I cannot remain dishonest for a very long time; hiding behind my parents' backs to maintain a relationship is just way too much for me to handle. When I am dishonest, it weighs my conscience down and I grow panicky and anxious all of the time and it's just so frustrating. But I think I needed that date; it opened my eyes to this. Besides, I do not want to end up turning into some diseased crazy whose life just REVOLVES around her significant other.

Now that I think about it, there has only been two people whom I could REALLY see myself with and both of them proved to be moot.

So I wonder now why exactly I had been so depressed about this issue earlier this summer. Maybe because I felt as if no one was interested in me and I was beginning to doubt my abilities and self-worth. But now, I know I AM likable and I can continue. XD!! As terrible as THAT sounds. To be honest, I just can't see myself with a lot of people. I can be very isolated from other people, even if I'm surrounded by friends. I am emotionally isolated, I guess. The one for me is one whom I am SO comfortable with, I don't give a damn if I sound idiotic. If that makes sense.

I don't want to belong to anyone. I am most comfortable when I am able to love myself and not worry if others do. I am most comfortable when talking to my friends. I like being infatuated. I don't like having to get tangled in relationship problems. I hate it when people come to me for relationship problems. It is their own fault because they CHOSE to be in a relationship and all that that implies. I like being carefree. I don't want all of that crap.

Besides, people who have boyfriends and girlfriend can be such assholes. I don't want to be an asshole. >[ XD
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(no subject)

'Lo, my name is Havana and I have been single for a long time and as a result, I've unraveled a bitter, cynical side of me that I've never quite seen before. I snigger at couples, as I know their impending doom but I keep it to myself, really. I am sick of people coming to me with their relationship problems. I genuinely enjoy helpign people and giving advice but must they always have to bring up their relationships? Then when I do help them, they keep babbling about they much they LOVE the guy/girl -- how rude is THAT? I hate it when people flaunt their relationships. I cannot bring myself to just yell in their faces, though. The other day, however, when my friends and I went to the neighborhood pool, we shot waterguns at a teenaged couple who were snogging each other like mad. Why do that at a pool in front of everyone? There were kids too. Idiots.

Love dulls people and makes them boring.
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In the shadows...

New here.

Hello, I just joined this community because I feel that couples are the most annoying thing in the whole entire universe. When I go to school, I usually see a guy and a girl holding each other, smiling as if they have went to heaven and kiss. It makes me want to shout out "Get a room you two, damn it" and punch them both in the face!

Thank Paya there is a community out here who feels what I feel!
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