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Yah, I figured I'd join this community , because i thought it was awesome that there is one dedicated to the whole anti-couple thing...ya

It makes me sick...
The annoying girlie giggles, the stupid conversations and fights, the hands being squeezed, the waiting outside of the classroom doors, the hugs and kisses. But most of all It makes me sick......that I am actually jealous of all that shit

Yahhhhhhhh.....Is it just me or do couples walk like 10 times as slow as everyone else when they are holding hands!Jesus there are like a million couples at my school...its like thats all i do in my spare time at school...I dodge couples to get to class. I also hate the way girls completely change the tone of their voice when they are around their boyfriends their voices are all of a sudden really high and girlie...uhhhhhhhhhh

Well I guess I shall go
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